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SoLIM Solutions 2013 is the latest version of software employing SoLIM (Soil Land Inference Model). SoLIM is a new technology for soil mapping based on recent developments in Geographic Information Sciences (GISc), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and information representation theory. SoLIM was designed to overcome the limitations of existing soil survey methods and to improve the efficiency and accuracy of soil survey.


Case studies have shown that SoLIM is more efficient and accurate than traditional soil survey methods, in that it generates a range of products which the traditional approaches couldn't provide, and it can be employed in a production mode of soil survey. For more information about SoLIM, please visit the SoLIM website: http://solim.geography.wisc.edu/index.htm.


The SoLIM Solutions software was developed through a joint effort among the colleagues at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and The University of Wisconsin-Madison. The lead developers are: Dr. A-Xing Zhu and Dr. James E. Burt and Fei Du.


SoLIM Solutions is currently distributed for free given that its use is non-commercial.  Materials included with SoLIM Solution should not be copied without explicit citation of this manual. For updates and new release, please visit the SoLIM website: http://solim.geography.wisc.edu/index.htm


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