about SoLIM Training
training plan

Project Schedule

First Phase : train the NRCS GIS specialists on the concepts, theoretical basis, and the operation of the SoLIM approach.

Second Phase: train the NRCS GIS specialists to work with NRCS soil scientists for conducting soil survey using SoLIM.

Preparation for Phase Two:
Selection of soil scientist; Local test watershed selection and GIS dataset preparation
Onsite training on knowledge acquisition:
Using a local test watershed; Validation of results from the test watershed
Practice Period(to be completed by January, 2004):
GIS specialist and local soil scientist practice the learned techniques
on a practice watershed (a watershed neighboring the test watershed)
Pilot production mode period(January -- March, 2004):
GIS specialist and local soil scientist take SoLIM into
a complete new watershed for learning the production process
Phase Two Summary: (April -- May, 2004)
Mini-conference for each state or short trip to each state
to summarize Phase Two

Third Phase : assist the trained NRCS GIS specialists when they apply the SoLIM approach in soil survey production mode. (beyond the project timeline)


last updated: February 17, 2004