The Internationl Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Science

Annual Service Excellence Award


1. Objective:

To recognize and honor an individual and/or a group of individuals for their
significant contributions to the foundation and healthy development of CPGIS.

2. Eligibility:

The individual or the group of individuals must be a member of CPGIS.  The
current president, vice president, and the chair of the award committee are
not eligible for this award because they will be administrating the voting
process of service awards. The past presidents within the past two years

are also not eligible.

3. Criteria:

The individual or the group of individuals have made significant contributions
to CPGIS. These contributions can be reflected in all aspects of CPGIS
operations and are considered to be fundamental to CPGIS's reputation and
healthy development.

4. The Award:

4.1 Types and Number of award:

There will be two types of award: one for individual contribution and the
other for group contribution. There will only be maximum of three awardees in
the individual category and one awardee in the group category. In any given
year, CPGIS may decide not to make any award due to lack of qualification.

4.2 Form of award:

The awards will be in the form of a certificate (a plaque) and honorary
mentioning in our newsletter and in other CPGIS publications (such as
JGIS). There will be no other material prizes involved in any of the two

5. Procedure:

5.1 Presentation:

The award(s) will be presented to the awardees at the CPGIS annual conference
by the President of CPGIS.

5.2 Nomination:

The award committee will be responsible for soliciting nominations from
the membership. The nomination period must be at least of 30 days and must
start no later than 60 days before the scheduled CPGIS annual conference
to allow sufficient time for determining awardees.

The award committee must submit a list of nominations to the BOD no later
than 30 days before the commencement of the annual conference.

Self-nomination will be accepted but endorsement of a nomination is required
for a nomination to be valid. Nomination must cite the contribution of the
nominee and explain why this or these contributions are fundamental to CPGIS.
It is this citation that will assist the BOD in determining the winner.

5.3 Determination of winners:

The winner(s) of these service awards will be determined by the Board of
Directors through private votes. The president of CPGIS will lead a three
person service award committee consisting of the president, the vice
president of CPGIS, and the chair of the award committee to administrate
the voting process. The nominee in each of the two categories must receive
2/3 (respectively) of the BOD votes to be a winner.