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A-Xing Zhu
Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin
550 North Park Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

Telephone: (608) 262-0272

Fax: (608) 265-3991


2012 Spring Office Hours:

Tuesdays 2:30 - 3:30

Thursdays 2:00 - 3:00

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Career Research Interests
Teaching Responsibilities
Research Projects
Honors and Awards
Refereed Publications
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Career Research Interests

Geographic information systems and remote sensing techniques, and their application in environmental modelling and resource management.

Teaching Responsibilities

Global Physical Environments
(Geog 120)

Introduction to GIS
(Geog 377)

Environmental Modeling with GIS
(Geog 577)

GIS Applications
(Geog 578)

GIS and Spatial Analysis
(Geog 579)

Seminar in Geographic Information Science
(Geog 970)

Research Projects

  • Mapping spatial variation using ad-hoc samples
  • Purposive sampling for spatial mapping
  • Spatial data mining using visual analytics
  • Watershed system science and modeling
  • Snob-nose monkey habitat mapping using soft-knowledge
  • Soil resource mapping using GIS with fuzzy logic
  • Landslide susceptibility mapping under fuzzy logic
  • Sensitivity analysis of ecological models to detailed soil spatial information
  • Land surface dynamics mapping using MODIS
  • Data Compatibility in Spatial Databases

Honors and Awards

    2009 The Hamel Faculty Fellow Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    2008 The Vilas Associate Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    2003 The "One Hundred Talents" Award, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    1997 The ASPRS Intergraph Award for best scientific paper in spatial data standards
    1985-86 World Bank Scholarship for outstanding Chinese scholars

Refereed Publications

66 Pei, T., C. Zhou, A.X. Zhu, B. Li, C. Qin, accepted. "Discovering Clusters in Spatio-temporal Data Using Windowed Nearest-Neighbour Method", International Journal of Geographic Information Science.

65 Pei, T., A.X. Zhu, C. Zhou, B. Li, C. Qin, accepted. "Detecting Feature from Spatial Point Processes Using Averaging Nearest-neighbor", Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.

64. Zhu, A.X., F. Liu, B. Li, T. Pei, C. Qin, G. Liu, Y. Wang, Y. Chen, X. Ma, F. Qi, C. Zhou, accepted. "Differentiation of soil conditions over flat areas using land surface feedback dynamic patterns extracted from MODIS", Soil Science Society of America Journal.

63. Ren, G., A.X. Zhu, W. Wang, W. Xiao, Y. Huang, G. Li, D. Li, J. Zhu, accepted. "A hierarchical approach coupled with coarse DEM information for improving the efficiency and accuracy of forest mapping over very rugged terrains", Forest Ecology and Management.

62. Du, F., A.X. Zhu, 2011. The Construction of Geo-Visual Analysis Environment for Raster Geospatial Data, Geo-Information Science (Chinese). 杜斐,朱阿兴,裴韬,秦承志. 栅格数据地学可视化分析环境的构建分析, 地球信息科学,2011, 13(4): 472-479.

61. Zhu, A.X., P. Wang, J.E. Burt, R.K. Li, L.J. Chen, accepted. "Problems and challenges of applying high resolution spatial data in hydro-ecological modeling across scales", In: G.R. Yu (editor), Frontiers in Human Activities and Ecosystem Changes (Chinese), Science Press.

60. Qin, C. A.X. Zhu, X. Shi, T. Pei, B. Li, C. Zhou, Accepted. "The quantification of spatial gradation of slope positions", Geomorphology.

59. Liu, J., Zhu, A.X., 2009. Mapping with Words: A New Approach to Automated Digital Soil Survey, International Journal of Intelligent Systems 24, 293-311.

58. Liu, F., A.X. Zhu, T. Pei, B.L. Li, C.H. Qin, accepted. "Application of high temporal resolution of remote sensing data in mapping soil spatial variation." Geo-Information Science (Chinese).

57. Liu, F., A.X. Zhu, B.L. Li, T. Pei, C.H. Qin, G.H. Liu, Y.J. Wang, C.H. Zhou, 2009. "Differentiation of soil spatial variation using land surface dynamics captured by remote sensing techniques." Soil Information (Chinese), Vol. 40 (3), pp. 501-508. 刘峰,朱阿兴,李宝林,裴韬,秦承志, 刘高焕,王英杰,周成虎,2009. 利用陆面动态反馈模式来识别土壤类型的空间差异. 土壤通报,40 (3):501-508.

56. Behrens, T., K. Schmidt, A.X. Zhu, T. Scholten, Accepted. "Multi-scale digital terrain analysis and feature selection for digital soil mapping", Geoderma.

55. Zhu, A.X., Yang, L., B.L. Li, C.Z. Qin, T. Pei, B.Y. Liu, Accepted. "Construction of quantitative relationships between soil and environment using fuzzy c-means clustering", Geoderma.

54. Yang, L., A.X. Zhu, C.Z. Qin, B.L. Li, T. Pei, B.Y. Liu, 2009. "Mapping soil property using fuzzy membership: an example from He Shan, Heilongjiang Province." Acta Pedologica Sinica (Chinese), 46(1), pp. 9-15. 杨琳,朱阿兴,秦承志,李宝林,裴韬,刘宝元. 运用模糊隶属度进行土壤属性制图的研究—以黑龙江鹤山农场研究区为例. 土壤学报, 46(1): 9-15.

53. Pei, T., A. Jasra, D.J. Hand, A.X. Zhu, 2008. "DECODE: A new method for discovering clusters of different densities in spatial data", Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. DOI: 10.1007/s10618-008-0120-3.

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